Cubytes Devlog #003 - Hiatus No More

After quite a while with radio silence (nearly two months…) coming from Sledgehog Software, here comes this devlog. Hooray. First of all, it was a fat break.
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Cubytes Devlog #002

As 2018 left and 2019 came, Cubytes received some tweaks and thoughts to the core game added to it recently.
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Cubytes Devlog #001

Why a Devlog? While it is indeed quite late into development, which might not make sense, however it’s something to show my day to day progress.
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URL and Closed Development

The blog now has a custom URL! This took some time to sort out (Mostly DNS related issues… this Blogger instance is running on a DreamHost DNS, which is the main website is setup.
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Alpha 7

The wait for Alpha 7 is finally over, and with it comes brand-new additions such as Lasers, Cheat Codes, and Revamped Graphics!
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Alpha 7 When?

tomorrow. Simple as that. Alpha 7. 9pm. Be here.

Alpha 6

Alpha 6 is now available to download! The main new features for this release is Arcade Mode and Black Holes!
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Future Cubytes Releases

Outdated Please note that this blog post was created when I had brainworms. None of these features are ‘in stone’, as I publically said in this blog.
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