a frail qubit

A Frail Qubit Devlog #005 - Hey, Another Long Break!

2020: A Year in Review 2020 was a hectic year for everyone, including me. COVID turned up suddenly in March and morphed the ‘Normal’ into something more blatantly depressing, sad, and alienating.
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A Frail Qubit Devlog #004 - What's Been Going On?

Updates, Updates, Updates, and yet more Updates! Sorry for the late post! While I was going to release this a lot sooner (a couple of days after my “It’s Alive” post), I was close to completing a lot of the features that are most exciting (to me at least)!
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It's Alive; Or, how I came to revamp this blog.

The blog is alive! And much different! … Wait, how long was I gone for? 11 MONTHS? And what the ever living fuck is ‘A Frail Qubit’?
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