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A Frail Qubit

The Qubit hits a wall and splatters.

You control a Qubit, a Quantum Bit, deep within a learning interface in a Quantum Computer, completing Trials of intelligence, speed, and patience.

'Motoo Kapoor: You can hear us, correct?'' The text advances. '...: As loud as ever. Who is us?'

The Qubit is not alone.

The Trial's overseers speak to the Qubit through Distortions, in an attempt to probe the intelligence and knowledge of it. Talk with various employees of Bree Inc, a mysterious tech company whose motives and operations strike fear into all who come into contact. However, they do come with powerups that strengthen the Qubit to press onto more difficult Trials.

The Qubit being killed by various hazards found within the Trials.

The Qubit is frail.

The Trials are not a pleasant place for the Qubit, and death is always around. From Black Holes to Shooters, Lasers and Bombs, to the Walls that surround the Trials themselves, hazards are everywhere. However, there is always a path forward, and death is merely a step back, not an ending.

The Trial has many different features.

  • Over 50 different Trials, with many locked behind mysterious objectives and reasonings.
  • Over 6 different Distortions, with many insights to gain, conversations to have, and powerups to seize.
  • Optional Trials to complete in an Arcade Mode.
  • A chance to escape.


Windows (64-bit)


Coming Soon!